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Cleaning out gunk using Lye

Att Tim

We at the supply end find a lost of our experienced cutomers buying
Lye. We were not aware that it is used for cleaning. Now we can
suggest it to our other customers. It is sold in a small jars .

Can any body out there let us know where we can buy Lye in Bulk. This
would help us all a lot.

still snowing in New Jersey.

Kenneth Singh

In New Jersey caustic soda (lye) should be easy to find in the yellow
pages under chemicals . particularly in the Phila area and around
NYC. Industrial chemical suppliers not lab suppliers. It should be
available in 50 or 100 pound bags. Grocery suppliers may also have
case lots in 1 pound cans.


Kenneth, Companies that supply commercial plating businesses often
carry caustic lye in bulk quantities. Plating shops that refinish
older objects frequently have to strip old paint and/or lacquer from
steel and other metals ( never aluminum ! ) This is accomplished by
immersing the object into a heated solution of lye and water. It
takes but a few moments to accomplish this stripping. Hot caustic lye
solutions command a great deal of caution and respect ! Many a murder
mystery has used this technique to get rid of
evidenceā€¦Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA