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Cleaning off black rhodium between settings

Hi guys
Just reworked an 18W ring with 10 diamonds set in double row of collets 0 soldered 2 solid sides to edges.
Thought I had cleaned off all rhodium plating before soldering but obviously not as has burnt black between the settings - any good tips on how to get rid of these hard to get black areas???
Suggestions welcomed & appreciated!

Hmm… I am not sure if there is a chemical bath you can use to strip the burnt plating, but you might be able to electrostrip it off by reversing a standard plating setup to blast the rhodium off the gold. You wouldn’t want to use rhodium solution for this because you will contaminate it. I don’t know if you can get away with some kind of electrolyte solution as the transfer medium. This is an advanced level question that if not done properly could damage the ring or create noxious gases that may be toxic.

The other question is whether or not the heating of the rhodium plating created oxides that will make it more difficult to remove short of using abrasives.