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Cleaning nickle/German silver

As mentioned, Simichrome polish would be a good start, and if you can’t
find that product, then FLITZ polish is a good substitute. Both items can
be found in tube form at good hardware stores, or if you live out in the
boondocks, call up Rio Grande. Depending on whether or not your frames
and/or mesh are solid German silver or just plated- if they’re rusting it
sounds like they’re plated- I would be wary of trying Rio Grande’s Nickle
Pickle. That stuff cleans nickle and brass well, especially when heated,
but if there is iron in your purses, I would not use it. Talk to the guys
at Rio about the Nickle Pickle, maybe they’ll help you out. I also like
to rub toothpaste and a litlle baking soda in my hands, preferably greasy
& unwashed- easy for me!- add a little water to make the mix creamy, take
my piece and massage the paste into the surface well. Then I take an old
toothbrush to get into the nooks & crannies, rinse off with water and an
old vegetable brush. Dry the piece REALLY WELL afterwards. Minty fresh
Juliet Gamarci