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Cleaning hands

Regarding cleaning hands, my tip is very simple, very healthy,
doesn’t injure the skin, and is lots of fun! Go swimming in a
chlorinated pool! I swim or do water aerobics at the YMCA whenever I
can make the time, and voila! when I climb out, my hands and nails
are perfectly clean! So i suppose if you don’t have access to a
pool, one might make a very dilute solution of bleach and water, pH
similar to pool water, and soak your hands for awhile as you watch
your fav TV show at night! Lots more fun to swim…

Ruth Shapiro
Sunny L.A.

This I learned as a small child - from my maternal grandmother…

Make a big batch of bread!

My hands would always come out sparkling clean as a five year old…
and still do. Just don’t tell the rest of the family what you do!

Tony Konrath