Cleaning 14K White Gold

I repaired a piece with 14k gold snake chain, and the part of the
chain that was the hottest has turned a brassy color - firescale? - I
can’t get it off. I’ve polished amongst other things. Any input? Any
potions out there to help me out?

Hi Phoebe,

You will need to rhodium plate the whole piece. White gold
especially 14kt is never white without rhodium plating.

Good Luck,
Pamela Harari - Israel

Any potions out there to help me out?

Rhodium plating is likely the potion you need. Some white gold is
whiter than others. Some only resembles white. These types are
plated with rhodium, and it is very likely that your repaired chain
is of the yellower type. If so, no amount of polishing, soaking or
praying will make it white again.

James S. Duncan, G.G.
James in SoFL

I’m happy to say that quite a few years ago I happened upon a place
on the web called “Orchid”. There we discovered a very useful formula
for getting the oxides off of white gold - soak it in a mix of pickle
and hydrogen peroxide - about 50/50. It was the first thing we found
here, and we use it often. Just thought I’d put it back where we
found it. However, the “brassy color” is disturbing. Are you sure
it’s gold?

This thread is not-so-new, but I replied because the formula is
useful. I’m afraid we’ve been on the Italian Riviera for a couple of
weeks, so we’re out of touch…