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Clean nozzles

Can any one tell me how to clean my torch nozzles… I put a wire
cleaner down the tip but only got terrible dirt out…Then took the
air hose and blew what I could out also… It seemed to help but I’m
sure it could have gotten cleaner. the flame was so orange I could
barely see what I was soldering.Help.

Try tossing them in the ultrasonic (I use a plastic tumbler with
holes in the bottom, for small parts) for a while. Curtis

torch and gas suppliers sell a set of nozzle cleaners in different
sizes. they look like slightly threaded wires in a little flip out
case like wire gauges.

Janet Kofoed

It would help to know what type and size of tip (Nozzle) you are using
and on what make of torch. It would also be good to know what type of
fuel gas you are using. ROBB - Retired Old Baby Boomer

Did you use just a piece of wire or did you use torch cleaner wires?
You can buy a little metal box with 10/12 wires each sized for
different sized tips and all the wires are rough on the end, sort of
like file teeth, to get the tip back to the correct size and to
assist cleaning our the crud. If your tip clogs up fast, disconnect
the hoses at the regulators and torch handle and blow them out with
air. Remove the tip from the torch handle, open the gas valves and
blow the handle out with air, ditto with the tip(s) blowing from the
flame end. Re assemble the lines and torch handle, purge the
hose/handle with the O2 and fuel (propane, act., etc.) (close both
valves on the handle, open one and “fill” that hose with the
appropriate gas, close that valve and then fill the other hose with
the other gas. If your tip still rapidly clogs, try new hoses. Take
the set to a welding shop and have them check it out with nozzle crud
in place.

Hope this gives you an idea.

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If your torch use the hypodermic type tips, it may be more economical
to just get a new set of tips.

I put my tips for the “little torch” in the ultrasonic in a plastic
mesh basket and then rinse and steam them out from the end that has
the threads. They come out shiny. Set them on the steamer top for a
while and they are dry in no time. I think the orange flame may be
from another problem. I suspect the oxygen line may have moisture
like when old cars would sputter from condensation in the gas line.
I’m not sure about that, but I have experienced the orange flame and
it seems logical because it would continue after the tips were clean.
Patty Rios

Use a small drill bit. Slightly smaller than the tip hole. Just
push it in and out, don’t turn it much. The flutes will scrape the
tip’s hole clean. Just like a pipe cleaner. At welding supply
stores, you can buy tip cleaners for oxy/acetylene torches, which get
dirty fast. These are just twisted square wire, which is then used
just like I’ve described. The twisted square (steel) wires are less
agressive than a drill bit’s flutes, but the drill works just fine

Also, often all that’s needed is a quick soak in your ultrasonic, if
you’ve got one. Just the tips, not the whole torch head (grin)

Do remember that the holes don’t have to be bright metal. Just
opened up back to their proper shape and diameter. It doesn’t have to
look like bright metal in the hole…

Peter Rowe

thanks but there are the smith tips. ended by blowing the dirt out
with the air hose… seemed to work pretty good… but thanks… calgang

Dear Peter, I should have known to ask you first… Shall try for
the square wires… thanks soooo much… I gather one of my students
who turns the torch up high and trys to get the colors of the copper
different colors probably gets the tips pretty dirty… right?? She
really gets into it and I didn’t realize how hot she does get the
torch and the charcoal block looks like it was in two wars… Is this
possibly the source of my dirty tips?? I loved
your GRIN… Ha!!! Thanks again… calgang