Claw Setting Jig

One of you fine folks-- sorry, I don’t remember who-- mentioned a
"claw setting jig" sold by FJD tool. I thought it sounded nifty, so
I ordered it. It came tonight, and it looks nifty, too, but the
instructions are, shall we say, skeletal. In any case, I can’t
figure out how to use this cute little buggar, so if someone can
explain, I would be most grateful!


Noel and all!

I received this parcel two years, as a “gift” from a tool supplier.
It turned out to be the same as to what you bought. The instructions
were so infantile, it was genuinely pathetic. Nicely constructed,
wooden box with a jig and a few attachments for ??? size of
instruction sheet is 4" x 4" and has a lot to be desired. Its still
in its case and I’m thinking of what to do with it.

SQU. “Cat. No. 41-100”. If any thinks of buying it, find a place on
your bench and admire it…its non-functional !..Gerry!

Noel, that was me. Daniel. I think you wrote me Via MidWstMetalSmith
as well about local possibilities.

Its pretty easy to use. Depending on what size you need pick the
outside collar. cut your wire, over length wanted is best. Its easier
to take away than to add. Put the wires in the slots of the inside
mandrel, slide the collar over and solder the ends. You have to
finish the prongs and stuff by hand. If you are using real heavy wire
you can use a smaller slotted mandrel and a larger cone. It basically
just holds everything in place while you can solder it.


Ive had mine for a couple years now and use it a lot! Mine came in a
cardboard box with one Xeroxed page of instruction. Its simple, very
functional and like Ive said, I have made every prong setting I have
used in the last 2 years with this set up. I love it. Then again, Im
no a professional jeweler so I can afford to just buy settings. If I
had the money and could buy findings anytime I need one, I probably
wouldn’t use it as much. In that way, I would have to agree with you
as it does take more time to make one that it does to buy it.

Daniel Hamilton

Hi, Daniel,

I wasn’t aware there was another Noel on Orchid!

Any way, thanks for the response-- but I’m afraid it still isn’t
clear to me. Do I bend the wires or leave them straight? Do I solder
them where they come together? I really need to see it, I think–
I’m sure it’s clear and simple once you know how it works. If you
can clarify any further verbally, I would be grateful. Hearing that
the tube-like parts go on top of the wires is a start, but it
doesn’t get me there yet. I did feel a little less dumb knowing that
Gerry couldn’t figure it out either!


Dear All…and Noel Y. It must be ‘that’ time of year, or a
coincidence. Just received another little UPS box of goodies…:>( Its
an automatic claw setting Device, its called a “YOUR SETTERS HELPER
KIT” that has left me again totally perplexed. Item “Number 41-750"
it is supposed to give you, the setter, the same depth on all claws
being cut or prepared. Alas, there is one definite problem, once the
bur is inserted into the chuck, you cannot observe how the drill is
doing its job. This “new” mechanism is blocking your immediate field
of vision !!!..duh! Inserting Allen key used to lock bur into
’gizmo’…insert bur for drilling, remove with Allen key, attempt to
drill, examine results, drill more to a newer depth, examine results,
more drilling, if over-drilled, start using some profanity…:slight_smile: LOL
Now many times I use the underside of the 156C to act as a
"mini-file” to angle the claw below the actual girdle cut to the
desired stone’s pavilion angle. But with ‘this gizmo’, I am now
prevented in dong this extra set-up. Final remark on this, out of 10
I’d give it a high of " 3 out of 10"…I think ‘we’ should open up a
new thread of postings on newer gadgets coming on-line in our
favourite tool-suppliers. Its going to be fair with them to see how
’we’ respond to these “newer helpful” tools…agree?..Gerry!


I know I already emailed you about this, but just in case anyone
else is interested, I am going to take some photos of using the jig
to make a prong setting. depending on amount of people wanting these,
if any, I might just post them on a webpage and give a link. If only
a few, just email me and I will just send the photos when I get them


I know I already emailed you about this, but just in case anyone
else is interested, I am going to take some photos of using the jig
to make a prong setting. 

I would be interested in seeing photos


Wow, lots of response for the claw / prong jig photo instructions.
Ok, I will get on it next week and hopefully get it up on a website,
and post the link here on Orchid later next week. Ive gotten so many
responses my software is starting to mark them as spam! :smiley:

Hi Daniel

I would be really interested to see the pictures - I bought a
bargain jig from ebay months ago but when it turned up it had no
instructions and I havent been brave enough to try yet.

Many thanks in anticipation


Just wanted update here. I had a little set back in making the
photos for using the jig as I discovered the reason my India made
rolling mill was getting so hard to use. Ends of the rollers had
broken so I can not roll silver so I can roll wire and then pull it
to the size I need. I cant buy wire as I dont have any money to spare
being disabled, so I need to try and fix this with the old trusty
welder and hope they will work again.

But, I am going to try to make the photos with some brass wire I have
so I can get the photos out as promised. Hopefully I will have the
photos posted and up on a website with explanations of what I am

Continue from:

Hi All

This is my first post on Orchid, so if I get it wrong - bear with
me, Ill pick it up.

I joined Orchid after searching for further info on using my Claw
Setting Jig, initially hoping to find out how to add the bearing
wires to the claw setting.

What I found instead was this thread which seemed to indicate that
there were others in need of the little knowledge I already had.

So I have put together a web page which shows step by step, how to
use the claw setting jig which should be of use.

I remember thinking when I first used the jig that it seemed to be
taking an awful long time to solder the joint. Well - that’s just
the way it is, it needs more heat than you would believe possible.
Here’s the link to my claw setting instructions

If it needs clarification, or you need further info feel free to

  • By the way - is there any way of hosting web pages and pictures
    directly in orchid?


Thanks, Dave,

Your step by step of the use of the jig is clear and thorough! For
adding the gallery wires, you might like the article flagged for me
by Anne Kelly:



Thanks, Like I said before my roller mill is broke. But then I found
some wire and started the photos session, but then, I ran out of O2
for the torch. I have to wait to get it refilled. Thats the problem
with being in the poor house, you cant just go out and do things
when you want or need to. Anyway, I did get some done and had sent
them to Noel so she could preview them. I wanted to wait until I
finished them before I posted. But you beat me to it. I do mine a lot
differently than you do yours so I will still post mine. but my
camera is no where as good as yours is either, mines about 6 years
old and has been used. very used!


Dave, thanks for your instructions for using the claw setting jig. I
did not know what this tool was that you all were talking about, and
now I do! You have been very helpful!

M’lou Brubaker, Jeweler
Goodland, MN

Hi All,

I bought one of these jigs for making head. I also bought a PUK 2 to
do welding with. This jig really works quite well with the PUK 2. With
the center welded you can move the prongs to size you need and then
put in the under bezel by tacking in a couple places then soldering
rest. Welds do not break during the soldering, so the head doesn’t
fall apart.

Jim Zimmerman
Alpine Custom Jewellers & Repair

Here’s my way of doing the jig…dancing a jig

Of course, just the way things go for me, I cant get my website to
work either. My server is in Texas, and not only did Hurricane Rita
take out part of their equipment, they had some hard drive failures
and have told me that the website servers are not fully functional
yet. Well, they do focus more on business than individuals, and they
are dirt cheap, so I really cant complain, to much

So I created a blog spot to post the claw jig photos on. I didnt add
text yet, I will do that in a day or so. I didnt want to post them
until I am able to have a completed and polished prong. After all, I
am showing off my skills, or lack of :smiley:

Here's the link to my claw setting instructions 

That’s a nice job of illustrating the jig. Did you say where to buy


That's a nice job of illustrating the jig. Did you say where to
buy it? 

Contenti sells them. Page 236 of the 2005 catalogue.

Jim Zimmerman
Alpine Custom Jewellers & Repair