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Classes in Rhode Island


I’ve noticed some talk about the fine state of Rhode Island over the
past few weeks. I will be spending a lot of time there until October
of this year, and would really like to take a workshop or two
somewhere - somewhere between 2 days to a week in length. With all
the jewelry industry activity there, I can’t seem to locate any
classes. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!


Hi Diane, Ironinc isn’t it, the one time jewelry capital of the world
and now … Anyway you may find something at Rhode Island School of
Design (RSID) in Providence RI. Also, while in RI you may want to
check out the RSID Museum on Benefit St Prov. especially the upcoming
graduate show. This exhibit is held every spring and is always a
welcome wave of fresh thinking in not just jewelry but other media as
well. I don’t know the dates but the phone is 401-454-6500

ps-admission is free Sunday before noon.

Steve Guyot
Guyot Brothers Co Inc
Decorative jewelry findings & ornamental stampings since 1904