Class Ring work

One of the best (and perhaps only good) things about class rings is
that many/most of the companies that manufacture them will do the
sizing or repairs free - or a very low price. Working on them is one
of the last things you really want to do if you can avoid it. They
are usually hollow and easily deform when you attempt to size them.
They are usually so massive that working on them requires extreme
heat and strength to bend and size… The stones (usually glass or
other cheap imitation) are usually bezel set and almost impossible to
remove without chipping or simply destroying them. The absolutele
best bet is to simply call the company that manufactured the ring and
tell them what needs to be done. Many times the customer can mail the
ring to them personally. However, if the company or customer wants
you to handle the transaction, the fee usually entails nothing more
than the mailing/shipping costs and time necessary for them to do the
job. You can add a handling fee if and as necessary.Save yourself the
time, (probable) trouble and let the manufacturers do the heavy work.
PS: If you cannot identify the manufacturer because the ring is too
worn, you can call the institution involved and ask them who
manufactured the ring for whatever year is on the ring. Usually

Jon Peterson
Golden Phoenix Jewelry
San Angelo, TX 76901