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[Class] [New Hampshire] Japanese decorative metalwork

Good day,

I’m very excited to pass this on. I introduced you to
the amazingly talented Ford Hallam back in January. He’s the artist
specializing in classical Japanese metalworking. Ford is offering a
fantastic opportunity to learn from a master. Please read on.

I’ve been approached by a gentleman named Zack Jonas with regard
to leading a four-week course in my specialty - Classical
Japanese metalwork technique.

Zack has suitable studio facilities in New Hampshire for us to
consider 8 participants. We have 4 confirmed attendees thus far
and we plan to run the course in October starting on the 1st.

I should emphasize that this course is probably not suitable for
complete novices as the pace will be fairly brisk and very
demanding. I intend to impart a pretty though grounding in basic
technique as well as the foundation for developing the needed
skills so a reasonable degree of hand skill would be a
prerequisite. I’m looking at this as an intensive course for

Total studio time will be six days a week, 9 to 5. Course cost
is $5,000 plus about $300 for your basic tool kit.

The course will include chisel and other traditional tool
handling skills, a variety of inlay techniques (wire and sheet,
flush and raised) and general carving technique. We’ll also cover
the basics of non-ferrous metal patination.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to make a tiger tsuba
after the course but everything I do in this film will be covered
(with the exception of the mercury gilding) and you’ll be well on
your way.

If you’re interested to see the sort of exercises I use to teach
you can see some of my various private student’s work here .

This may well be a one-time opportunity. In future you’ll have
to come to me because those long haul flights and being away from
home and family for so long is a killer.

We’ve also decided to offer, immediately after the month long
course, a six-day introductory course for those who couldn’t take
a month out of their work schedules. November 4th until the 9th.
$1250 for the week. We’ll cover the basics of chisel use and
carving, inlay and touch on patination. And as with all my
teaching we’ll be dealing with aspects of the aesthetics of the
work and developing good working technique and skills. And you
get to listen to me talk for a week :slight_smile:

If the course is of interest and you’d like more details please
let me know by return e-mail.

Thank you for reading and kind regards,

Ford Hallam