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[Class] Gemstone setting class


*Retirement?..humbug! Still teaching “newbies” the basics of
detailed diamond setting. I am now teaching at two community colleges
in the Toronto, Canada area.

I first delve into the rudiments of a flat-topped, 4-claw engagement
ring. Then it’s a 6-claw head. Then comes full bezel setting with a
8x6mm oval stone. Next on my agenda is Gypsy/Flush setting. Channel
setting is an easy exercise…then comes the mother of all stones,
setting a 6x6mm. Princess stone.

Along with my 42 hour program, stretching over 7 days are numerous
stories of my “true to life” setting experiences. I cover all of the
academics as to the “Mohs” hardness scale, names of the common
diamond facet names. Explaining how rings are cast, "stones in wax"
setting. Lastly, all of the basic tools for diamond setting.

When these students are finished, they can basically set any stone
that comes across their bench. Much of my class is a bench-demo, then
a hands-on for everyone along with my guidance at all times. I then
must give a marking grade for for the student.

*I wouldn’t give this up for anything, it’s good to help the newer
generation in our profession.

Gerry Lewy