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Class at METALWERX Boston

Hi All- Just wanted to give a heads up salute to the gals at Metalwerx
in Boston for a terrific class last weekend. A small group of us
studied wire weaving techniques with Munya Avigail Upin and 100%
opinion was that it was well worth the trip! The studio was
convenient and well set up and getting around was totally easy as the
hotel shuttled us everywhere (even the grocery store!) Even
transport to and from the airport was a breeze and cheap too. Even
the security at Logan wasnt too bad, only 30 mins to get through the
scanners with no long ‘tear it apart’ seaches that I anticipated.

Thanks Karen and Metalwerx staff- I will certainly be back.


Hello all;

I want to add my two cents about the Metalwerx classes in Woburn, MA.
They are all that T said and more. The participants ranged entire
spectrum of metalwork experience from highschooler, to middle school
art teacher, to hobbyist, to very experienced jewelers and designers.
The designers outnumbered the others.

The size and structure of the class as well as the layout of the area
allowed for each to work at their own pace and to receive help at a
moments notice. There was time also for technique excursions into
areas that were not strictly planned on being covered when
participants wanted to go into more detail on a certain technique.
The camaraderie was wonderful also.

I guess the best recommendation I can give is that I’m planning on
taking another workshop there next month if it fills up enough to run.
Check out Fold Forming on there website ( )
to see if it interests you.

I live in Ohio so it is not like I just drop in. As far as Logan
Airport, I too figured paranoid security, but it was not the case. I
still feel that it is one of the safest airports to fly out of.
During peak times I would still allow the full two hour check in -
just in case. There’s nothing like missing your flight by minutes.


Eric V. Schmidt