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CLASP vs Bench Jewelers Conference

I am in need of some honest opinions. I have a small, up to date,
fully equipped (GRS, microscopes, laser, etc.), design,
manufacturing, & repair shop. I consider myself a craftsman as
opposed to an artist. I have limited time to stimulate & expand my
knowledge; consequently I can only make one conference. I am looking
for practical, moneymaking techniques & products to help make me a
better bench jeweler. Give me your thoughts to help me make the right

Pineforest Jewelry Inc./PFJ Inc.
Gary L. Mills

I have not been to a CLASP conference, but I did do Brad Simon’s
workshop. Brad Simon’s workshop is specifically tailored toward bench
jewelers. I can recommend it for the specific knowledge for problems
inherent with running or working in a repair shop.

Richard Hart

Clasp will have a bench or two set up, they say, with a few new
tools to try. But it is not a trade show, except for books on sale.
They do offer business classes as a part of their 3 track format.
Check out the website to see if the class titles interest you. It all
depends on what you feel you need to learn or improve. I am going
this year mostly for the business track, myself.


Richard Hart, et all!

I have been giving lectures on Diamond Setting at Brad Simons
seminars, for many years…I gotta tell you and all on Orchid, Brad
does a fine job at educating the jewellery masses. Many of my setting
classes, or workshops helped everyone involved in the jewellery
manufacturing discipline. One fellow came up to me and asked me just
one setting question, he said “your answer paid for my whole trip”.
Those who were there, in either the giving or receiving of
can attest to this fact…Brad’s seminars are a very
worthwhile experience.

If one of his seminar groups are in your area of the States go see
and learn. Money well spent.

Gerry Lewy!