Clasp Musings


I recently stumbled onto something called Clasp Musings. It turns
out to be a blog by Andrea Hill. Among other postings, I was
interested to read a post about the price of Clasp registration that
was written in June. I also was pleasantly surprised to read about a
number of things planned for the conference that I had not known
about. Below is a list from the blog.

  • CAD/CAM Cafe. We have a great space set up, where we’ll provide a
    few CAD/CAM setups for people to experiment on, and a few large
    screen monitors you can hook your own laptops into. This is a great
    chance to hang out with other CAD/CAM users and share your war
    stories. Also, there will be computers provided for checking email
    for those who don’t travel with laptops.

  • One-on-One Consulting with Wendy Rosen. Wendy will be there all
    three days, and will be taking reservations for one-on-one consulting
    sessions. We’ll get a sign-up sheet going in the next few days so
    folks can start registering.

  • Technique Demonstrations. We’ll have a few fully kitted benches
    set up and there are a number of fine bench jewelers coming to
    demonstrate specific techniques. Do you have a unique technique you’d
    like to demonstrate?

  • Book signings. Many of our illustrious speakers have published
    books and videos, and they’ll be there signing them for attendees.
    Educational materials such as books and videos will be the only
    things for sale at Clasp. At Clasp, it’s all about the

  • Design-a-Clasp. See the posting on this concept for greater
    detail. There will be a video gallery of these available for all

  • We’re also working on getting a few competition judges to offer a
    salon on how to prepare your jewelry and/or renderings for
    competition entry. More on that later.

I found the blog to be interesting reading-Andrea Hill is a
thoughtful person and a good writer. I found it after going to and clicking on Clasp. Here’s the URL for the blog

Cynthia Eid