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Clamps for a drill press .

 If you don't have any slots in your drill table. you are going
to have problems holding youir work down. 

G’day; I have had one of those El Cheepo Taiwanese drill
presses for a long time, and it has slots in the table. So what
did I do? Shaped a piece of fibreboard to fit exactly underneath
and actually glued it in place so’s I could use common (or
workshop) “G” clamps - or cramps, as the Americans say. You see,
the drill table of these machines has a money-saving (to the
manufacturer, of course) web cast as part of the table underside,
and the G clamps can’t find a place to fit properly because of
that web; hence the MDF glued insert. Why not use the slots and
bolts? Because they are damn fiddly, you most often need a clear
table, and the G clamps are much easier and quicker to use. And
by the way, I have no problem with my El Cheepo drilling 13mm
holes and even 0.3mm holes in steel; sterling and gold are easy.
I often drill 0.6mm holes in sterling - without breaking drills
too! Use the highest drill speed, wet the drill with a little
spit on the finger (careful where you’ve had that finger) and
take it easy; let the drill feel it’s way through. You’ll see
the little curls of metal grow rapidly, but lift the drill to
break them off; you don’t want to catch them in another part. I
use that same El Cheepo to drill two inch flat-bottomed shallow
holes in hardwood to fit my expansion-mode chuck on my
wood-lathe. The El Cheepo isn’t a bit keen on that, but gentle
persuasion always works better than brute force and ignorance.
Don’t it? Told you I’d soon carry on with the pontification, eh?
John Burgess,

John, You can get specially shaped clamps for drill tables. They
just bolt through the holes in the drill table and can be
tightened down with a spanner. Incidentally, most drill tables
have a cast web underneath. It does save money and metal. It also
makes the table stonger and more ridgid. Richard W UK