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Citrus acid pickle

Hi folks, In a pinch I have used a white vinegar and salt pickle. I
heat the vinegar to near boiling (I use about a cup for small
stuff), add about a tablespoon of regular salt and stir till
dissolved. Then I put it in a miniature crock pot once used as a
heater for Pot-Pourri to keep it warm. It’s not as fast as sodium
bisulfate or sparex but it does work pretty well. It’s a whole lot
less toxic. Check the archives. I think I got the idea from Charles


Hi Mike

That Fos-Flo You were Talking about I think is the same stuff that
they use on high pressure refrigeration lines. I buy it from the
sheet metal supply co. It comes in 24in. sticks. I use it when I do
copper sculptures. The last time I bought some it came in a tube of
about 20 sticks for about $25.00.

Bsilverhead (Old Uncle Milty)

A better and cheaper copper rod is Harris “O”. Not as much silver
but still will give good welding on copper. It is a phos-copper rod.
If you just weld it and do not grind it, it looks just like copper.
If you remove the top film then is a darker like nickle color. Will
patina the same as copper. Harder than copper and will crack if
hammered or bent. Comes in the standard gas welding rod length (30")
and for 3/32 about $10.00 a pound.

Warren Townsend

Trenton, MI 48183