Citrine pre-forms anyone?

I’ve been holding back on this as I thought the list was going
down but since we all still seem to be here here goes nothing:-

Whilst collecting cutting material this week (with the silver
pick unfortunately) I came across a supply of polished Citrine,
probably reject pre-forms, costing 6 GBP (10USD) for 50g. Thinking
these looked pretty and that I could bezel set them upside down
just as they were ( I am a cabber not a facettor) I got some.

I suspect they are rejects simply because some of them have
nicks or bits missing - as if they were cut too close to the edge
of the rough and ran out of material. They are all water clear,
colours from virtually none to brown - most are light to medium
honey yellow. Sizes vary from 4 to 10mm mostly rounds, some
rectangles - 138 pieces to 50g in my batch.

Did I get a bargain or burnt ? Any body want some? The same deal
is available on amethyst but I didn’t look closely at it - got
distracted by some Labradorite and bought too much!

So should I go back and get it all (several kg).

Please note that I am in a very wet and windy England (summer?-humbug)

Andy Parker
tel: 01229 584023
Mobile: 0777 590 3875