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Citrex [Was:Basement Studio Do's/Don'ts]

I've recently started using Citrex citric acid pickle, and I'm
really happy with it.  It doesn't produce the nasty fumes that
Sparex does,  and as long as you heat it to around 160 deg, it
works really well. Of course, you still need ventilation for
soldering fumes, etc., but I think you could have a pot of Citrex a
fair distance from your ventilation and be safe. Anyone else have
thoughts on this?

Where do you get this Citrex? I’ve never heard of it and have been
using Sparex(like most others I suspect) for years. I’ve also heard of
using the spice alum(sp?). It supposedly works well, but takes a while
longer and, personaly speaking, time is a big factor for me. If Citrex
works as well as Sparex, I’d realy appreciate hearing more about it.

Steve Klepinger