CitPic update reply and thanks

Gesswien advertises as well as tells me in recent emails that
Citpics is not bothered by iron or other metals and contaminants
which mess with normal pickles. They say you dont have to use
copper tongs and can use any metal in the mix. It is not suppose to
be affected.

I cleaned the pickle pot out and made a fresh batch. I put one gold
ring , freshly resized, and a repaired gold necklace in it with no
problem. But… After I sandblasted, ultrasonic, and steamed , and
worked on one of the items which was copper plated a few days ago
and dropped it into the new pickle, Zam! Pow! Bummer!!! COPPER

This piece is a sterling silver pendant with 14k gold accents. I
have made stuff like this before without ever having this problem.