Circle Tourmaline Pendant

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I really enjoy your blog posts, in this case the tourmaline circle
pendant. It is fun to get to know the work of people I’ve been
reading for years! (I confess I am unlikely to read posts that don’t
have pictures of jewelry with them.)

In this case, I was sorry that I couldn’t really see the different
color on the piece, though the idea is very clever.

In addition, I was amused by the vocabulary that is unfamiliar to
me, though I could pretty much figure it out from context. “I used
a.5mm ball frazer to crishy the white gold, so that it stands out
more.” and “I was poeping myself”… though the second may be a
typo, in which case I know that word… But “frazer” and “crishy”
are new ones. Adds to the fun!