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Circa 1964 A.D

In 1964, I was asked to demonstrate to my teacher how I have progressed.

I had no idea that now in 2020, I would be showing this to my few “Orchid” friends.
This “tie-tack” started out as a circular plate. I had to pick the correct size of “Single-Cut” diamonds, drill the holes, then ‘raise’ the correct number of beads.

Then with my Onglette #1 graver, proceed to engrave a pattern around the stones. After this, proceed with my Onglette #2 to “Bright-Cut” where my #1 graver went.

Remember, I was only 21 years of age.

My cutting techniques and the selection of tools have changed.

This diamond setter has greatly improved his skill. Of course, over a half a century of setting diamonds, even you would!

With the skill of setting stones, we now have setting with the aid of a microscope! ”Computer Aided Designing” is also a great help. I prefer to use the same techniques that I was taught to use.

BTW, my teacher was happy with my progress. My training took me 9 years!

In my humble opinion, setting of diamonds is an art all by itself.

”Diamond Setting” with using gravers is one of the most difficult aspects of this jewellery trade!

Fondest regards to everyone, everywhere!

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