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Cincinnati area galleries

i will be travelling in southern ohio, (cincinnati area and north)
and was wondering if anyone could reccommend any galleries not to

kim holland st john virgin islands

Hi Kim,

These are some of the areas that might be of interest to you: Hyde
Park, Glendale, Mt. Adams, O’Brianville, Kenwood Mall (has an Ohio
artisans shop as well as upscale shopping). Depending on where
you’re staying, there are galleries sprinkled throughout Cincinnati
and Northern Kentucky. Some can be found in the area phone book.

There is a gallery hop the first Friday of every month in the
communities of Covington, Newport, and Bellevue which are in Norhtern
Kentucky just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. This is an up
and coming area for the artisan community and is very easy to access
from either the Cincinnati or the Kentucky side of the river. Not to
mention all of the restaurants and other sites on both sides of the

Happy travels!

Jeanette Landenwitch
Precious Metal Clay
Certified Instructor
Senior Instructor


I have lived in the Cincinnati area for 15 years, and I would not be
the best person to recommend a gallery. I can only say, don’t miss
Eden Park and the Krohn Conservatory positioned at the heart of the
park. It’s beautiful, and I can’t think of a better place to spend
my time! There is an art museum near the park, but I have never been
to it. :open_mouth:

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center has just opened. I
haven’t been to that either. I recently heard on the radio that a
200 lb stone fell from the building, so bring a hard hat.

The Kennedy Heights Arts Gallery is also new. The gallery does have
jewelry for support of the center from one local artist. I live 70
miles from this gallery, so I won’t be visiting much. I was there
for the grand opening, because I knew some of the ceramic artists
from the DAAP College. I’m from Engineering, and I have no clue
about art. I love going over to DAAP because they are warm inviting
friendly people!

Good luck on your search for places to visit!

Jeff Simkins