[CIJT] Director of Jewelry Art Education Announcement

Frank Aspeitia, formerly of Oliver Smith Jewelers and Cornellis
Hollander Design in Scottsdale, Arizona, has joined the permanent
staff of the California Institute of Jewelry Training in Carmichael,

Frank brings with him over 28 years of bench jeweler experience and
is a welcome addition to our fine school and it’s curriculum.

In celebration of 31 years of teaching jewelers, our anniversary
gift to ourselves has been a diligent search for the right “man” for
the job and Frank fits all the characteristics and qualities of a
fine jeweler and he can teach as well.

Students are thrilled with their new instructor, he is replacing
Gerald West, a teacher of 10 years at CIJT and joined by Yoko Goode,
his assistant.

We feature many masters of metal and design techniques in our on
going workshops and Frank will be offering courses for advanced
jewelers to further their skills. How about Micro pave’?

Write us a note off line if we can provide an individualized
customized training program for you. A week or more and you can raise
your score.

Saturday CIJT celebrated our 2nd annual JewelryMaker Faire with an
exciting bunch of newbie jewelers and a few pros. Really had a good
time, Marcia McDaniel won a Fold forming workshop for her fine silver
leaf with black pearls woven into the center vein, it was lovely. She
was voted top designer for the day.

Our day consisted of a series of 2 1/2 hour workshops and each
participant was able to complete 3 projects.

For more check us out at www.jewelrytraining.com Call
800-731-1122 and check out our ongoing programs, Jewelry Arts,
Gemology and Appraisal and regularly scheduled workshops.

Have a very happy start with your holiday season business and a new
and bright fall. Things are looking better every day.

Dee Rouse Huth, Director
California Institute of Jewelry Training