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Christmas Greetings - Introducing

All the best to all of you. I have been reading only for the
past couple of weeks and feel it is now time to introduce
myself. I am Michael Donahue. My wife Phyllis and I own and
operate a small mid-range jewelry and metaphysical business
(Crystal Visions) in Gambrills, Maryland. We do some specialty
design work for our customers, a little wire bending, beading,
stone setting, jewelry repair, and generally anything else
related to the jewelry business except stone cutting, which I
leave to those with more patience than I.

My main personal interest is in opals, which I consider to be
the most under-appreciated gem in the U.S. today. Walter Scott
has a lot to answer for!! I have close connections with a number
of Australians, including a year-round Coober Pedy miner; but
unfortunately I have not as yet been able to accumulate enough
money to finance a trip over there due to my addiction to opals
and other gems (which I, by the way, prefer to call crystals)
and my yearly trips to Quartzsite and Tucson.

As you can see from the length of my (brief) introduction, I am
also addicted to e-mail communication. I hope to be able to
contribute to your discussions and promise to keep my fingers
quiet when I cannot.

Keep on rockin’


Mike, Nice to have you here, wish I could go down under also to
see opals and see a freind. May all the warmth be with you.
Ron http:\