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Christmas & Beyond

Now comes the sizing. For at least the next three weeks,
and everybody wants it now!

You could talk about this to our frazzled bench guy; he could
tell you some horror stories, if he had the time . . . . :frowning:

But February is coming and it is usually slower. 

Our Februaries used to be slow, until we started carrying the
Hershey’s Kisses jewelry (available in sterling silver or 14K
gold). Folks go crazy over them for Valentine’s Day. Now we are
almost as busy in the middle of February as we are in December,
but the dollar totals are lower.

I suppose I really should be happy, job security
ya know. I just get so drained with all the custom jobs for
Christmas. I really want everyone of them to be the best I can do
and with a deadline like Christmas it is stressful. It makes it
really hard sometimes to enjoy the real meaning of Christmas.

Meaning of Christmas? Or is it Chri$tma$?

Joel Kahn <@Joel_Kahn>
Comptroller for Maxon’s Jewelers
Diamond Merchants & Estate Jewelers
2622 S Glenstone, Springfield Missouri 65804 USA
Voice: 417-887-1800 or 417-887-1809
Fax: 417-887-3422