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Chris Boland - Jewelry Gallery

Chris Boland Designs
Sheffield, UK

The gemstone is of fundamental importance in my work. All the stones I use are natural and untreated in any way. I believe that it is important to tell the story of the stones using my unique designs in metal. My fascination of gemstone and crystal structure is used to inform my bespoke jewellery pieces. Strong, bold shapes are used to stress the unique qualities of the inclusions in the gemstones. By design, the stone is offered up to the viewer, always in a pleasing and unusual way and the rings look as good off the hand as on.

Lattice Ring. Sterling Silver. Fabricated


Topaz Crystal Ring. Sterling silver, Topaz. Fabricated

Emerald monolith ring

Materials: Brazilian Emerald and 18k gold.

Photo credit: Chris Boland

Monolith ring collection

Materials: Silver, Gold, Gemstones

Photo credit: Chris Boland

Beryl Fiber Chain

Materials: Silver and golden beryl

Photo credit: Chris Boland