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Choosing vaccum casting machine

Hi, I am interested in buying a vacuum casting machine. The capacity
of the crucible should be 700-1000 gram of 14k gold. The melting and
pouring should be in inert gas. Can anybody, who have the experience
of the casting with such machines, recommend me to choose casting

Thank you in advance.

Vladimir Polyakov

Dear Mr. Polyakov, I am with Neutec/USA and we manufacture a complete
line of electric resistance and induction casting machines. All of
our machines are capable of acheiving your requirements including the
melting and pouring in an inert atmosphere. We also have the fastest
time cycles and the most accurate temperature available today. We can
assist you in setting up an entire factory as well. Please contact me
offline at @Joe_Lovato and I will be happy to assist
you further. Sincerely,

Joe Lovato

I have a induction casting machine for sale. If you have any
interest, please email me back.