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Choosing suitable Enamels

I want to start using vitreous enamels on my gold & silver pieces.

I have heard about Soyer, Thomson, Schauer and Ninomiya enamels.

Some people say that lead enamels have better colors.

Which one of those should I use?? a lead ninomiya? Soyer?

Alberto Covarrubias

Hi Alberto,

I only use lead enamels because the colors are truer and richer. You
are asking about the Japanese Ninomya versus the French Soyer. I
also use both of these as well as the old Thompson leaded enamels.
For me color is the greatest determination, but you have to consider
the melting temperature also. I like to use the Ninomya’s because
they all melt at the same temperature, whereas the Soyer and some of
the Thompson have a higher melting point. I will suggest since you
haven’t used the leaded enamels to start with the Ninomya’s because
they all melt at the same point and learning with them is easier.
Once you get your teeth into them spread out and use the others.

Coral at Enamelworks in Seattle, WA will package up 1 oz trial
packages of Ninomya for you. That is how I start my students. I
usually pick a sample of each color group plus some of the
opalescents and ask Coral to package them up for me and then I
provide them and sell them as a grouping to my students.

jennifer friedman