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Choosing jewelry steamers

Hi All,

I need to help choose a new steamer for our new location. Anybody
have any recommendations for a steamer that will be used to steam
customers’ jewelry in a retail setting at an upscale mall? I don’t
need something too powerful-it won’t be used to clean vast quantities
of jewelry but yet it needs to be reliable for sales people without
much technical training to use. It is going to be a small store so if
it doesn’t make lots of puff-puff, pressure noise, even better! I am
considering a Gemoro product but I am concerned that it won’t be
reliable enough. Any thoughts


I’ve had the big boiler style steamers in shops I’ve worked in over
the years, but they take some real care to fill, clean, and maintain
them. Eventually the boiler gives up or heating unit burns out.
Distilled water helps preserve the boiler, I discovered.

A few years ago, I had the chance to buy an almost new “Steam
Dragon” steamer. It only set me back $400, and I’m really pleased
with its minimal maintenance and ease of use. You only need to stick
the attached weighted plastic hose into a bottle of distilled water,
and turn it on. Instead of using a boiler, it has a super-heated
chamber inside that when you step on the foot pedal, injects a small
amount of water into the chamber, making a good burst of steam into
my sink. So it does not keep water under pressure in a boiler. It
seems to have very good pressure, equal to the boiler-type steamers
I’m familiar with, but much cheaper and easier to use.

Check out the Steam Dragon…

Jay Whaley

Hi to all group,

I would like to use this post to get help in my new purchase.

I never used steam to clean jewelry ( I don’t have a store, I clean
after I finish and polish) but I have 15 years that I usea
ultrasonic cleaner, and right now that it is broke and no more
repairable I’m boling water with neutral liquid soap until I decide
what to buy.

What would you sugest, I have to decide before I come to US, since
here in Brasil this equipement is expensive and with a very poor

Tanks in advance for help,
Vlad Radu Poenaru

We use a Steam Dragon in our shop. It is simple and efficient and
cheaper than the ones with the big boiler tanks. It does make a
pretty big noise when it shoots steam but then they all do that.


I like the crest ultrasonic, it has fuses, unlike other brands ive
owned. Mine quit last week & when i opened up the case to investigate
the problem i found that one of the fuses failed and i was able to
replace it with one purchased at the local Ace hardware store.
Steamers are another story if you are planning to lug one back to
Brasil on the plane you may want something like a steam dragon or a
small one or two quart ones but they are still pricey here as well -