Choice of metal for big fancy charms


I am at the beginning stages of a project to create high fashion
jewelry, for which I would like to create good quality samples. After
estimating costs, I realise that it would be too expensive to make
using precious metals.

I want to be able to add enamels to the medels. The prototype
estimated weight are in the 100gr maximum. What type of metal should
I use?

Thanking you in advance for your help.
Cordially. Daniel

Daniel, if your going to enamel on these prototypes try using copper.
You can photo etch your designs. After enameling you can have them
plated with gold at a reasonable cost. The enamel process is called
champleve…there are several ways to achieve the recesses in the
metal. Enamelworksupplycompany has the best book on champleve that I
know of and the owner coral Shaffer made her living for many years
using champleve. She is most generous with any questions that you
might have.