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Chocotale Gold

I’m very excited about the many wonderful alloys and patinas and
other surface treatments being used in fine jewelry now, and I would
like to learn more about them.

Le Vian has been advertising itself as the “Chocolatier” with
beautiful “chocolate” colored diamonds, “chocolate” pearls, and
"chocolate" gold. I congratulate them on a clever campaign, and some
very distinctive and stunning designs.

On page 2 of the new JCK magazine they have an ad for “pink
chocolate”, with a pendant made of pink gold and a dark metal. My
question is, does anyone know what the dark metal is, and how they
achieve that look?

Yes indeed, Orchid rocks!

My understanding is this “chocolate” color is a coating applied by a
vapor deposition process but there is not much available
about it.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


You may want to check out the presentations from the 2004 Santa Fe
Symposium. There is a paper which refers to numerous colours of gold