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China paints

Hi, can anyone tell me how to find a reputable supplier of products,
namely, china paints, leaded or unleaded and also related
glass-on-metal supplies?I’ve been searching all over the Internet and
don’t seem to be satisfied with the results!!I live in Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada, but any location will do!!! Please help!! Thanks in advance.

Ann, I am usually just lurking on Orchid. I have one URL for China
Painting and I hope it helps you. It is for the Porcelain Painters
International Online Maybe some
one at that site can help you find a reputable supplier of products.
Signed Joan Tatum

Hi Ann,

For glass on metal supplies take a look at our web site:

We have our complete catalog on line. We do not carry china paints,
but we do have some enamels that works with glass and pottery.

May you always enamel with passion in your heart

Joan Schlaifer
Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies
PMB 1700
1441 Huntington Dr.
South Pasadena, CA 91030
800 525-5959 626 441-1127

Re: China paint, how about a local ceramic store? Alana

Hi Ann:

I saw your note on “Orchid”.

I took glass painting session many years ago through our Creative
Jewellers Guild of B. C. I was all “gung’ho” and ordered a set of
paints. However…

These have never been used, just taking up space at the top of my
enamel cupboard. I live in Ladner and if you would like to have them
I would be pleased to give them to you. My phone number is 940-1824.
Give me a call.

I also have two forms for slumping glass plates that you could have
if you are interested.

Phyllis Richardson

I don’t know if anyone has expressed an interested in the slumping
glass molds you mentioned, but I am. If they are still available,
please let me know what they are and how much you want for them. Thanks.

I am interested in those glass molds you mentioned if you still have
them. Thanks, Linda

Phyllis- Did the glass painting class you took recommend any good
books on the subject?