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Chicago's One of a Kind Show

Hi all, I was wondering if any of yu out there did the “One of a Kind
Show” in Chicago in December? And if you did was it profitable for
you? It was very expensive and it’s first year so I was very leary.
I had such a bad experience at the Gold Coast Show in Chicago in
July I wasn’t real excited about doing anything in Chicago real
soon. If any of you felt it was a huge success I might consider it
this year. Thanks for any response.

God Bless

I live in Chicagoland. I didn’t do the show but spoke to 3 people
who did.

1 made money, barely. Thinks she will go again because of the
quality of the shoppers. She did 3-D painting.

1 lost money but will go again because she really felt these people
were serious buyers and she might get call backs and web site visits.
She paints funny, chunky primitive paintings.

1 thought it was a horrible experience and lost alot of money. They
did small scale glass blowing.

I knew some people who went to shop and they said crowd was small
but those there were shopping. Amy Amdur is good at getting people to
the event.

That was all I really got back from it, I am still going to sit this
one out.