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Chicago & Washington DC Jewelry Attractions

Dear Orchidians,

I am going to Chicago and Washington DC next week and wondered if
anyone could point me to some great jewelry galleries/museums/shops
for inspiration and as a break from business?


In DC, go to the Natural History Museum for the gem and mineral
exhibition. I also seem to remember hearing about some small museum
or house in DC with quite a collection of Faberg=E9 type articles,
but I do not remember where or if they are still around. A search on
the net should help.


try dumbarton oaks in upper georgetown, dc for byzantine and
pre-columbian art, including jewelry.



I posted your request to the listserv of the Chicago Metal Arts
Guild, and these are the suggestions I got:

  She should check out Pistachios on Grand - just west of
  Michigan Avenue, and Whitney Abram's new store, Incredible
  Jewelers of Our Time - on Huron just off Michigan Ave.  The
  Museum of Contemporary Art Gift Shop has some interesting
  jewelry too.  Great show at Columbia College Paper and Book Art
  Center - on Paper Adornment - some really nice paper jewelry
  and other interesting adornment.  I believe the show runs
  through April 25th - it's in the Columbia College building at
  1104 S. Wabash. 

  Chicago: Pistachios, MCA, AIC, Evanston:Eve Alfille, mindscape
   D.C.: Jewelerswerx, The Renwick 

  MCA has great jewelry, Pistachios, Art & Artisans, Some
  interesting things at Marshall Fields downtown location, good
  ethnic jewelry at the gift shop of the Oriental Institute in
  Hyde Park, that's all I can think of. The rest are just random


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

I think the Walters Art gallery in Baltimore (about an hours drive
from DC) had a good bit of jewelry on display. I know I have a book
around which was just jewelry from there and it’s pretty thick…as
to whether this was a special exhibition or not, I don’t know.