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Chicago area group

Does anyone know of a group of jewelry artists that meets around
Chicago? Thanks

Colleen-- If you are not too far from Evanston, you might come to the
Evanston Art Center and check out the Jewelry Masters Seminar. I was
the coordinator for about five years, but have recently passed that
baton to Sandra Peterson. (I teach jewelry at the Art Center.) The
Masters’ Seminar is a group of independant, professioal and
semi-professional jewelers who have the right (in exchange for payment
to the EAC) to use the excellent studio whenever there isn’t a class
going on. There are usually three seminars per 16-week term, and they
can be almost any kind of presentation, from fairly simple single
techniques (yesterday we had basic stone inlay) to master classes
(granulation with Whitney Abrams). There is a lot of give and take,
generous sharing of ideas and techniques. If you want
more info, feel free to contact me off-line. --Noel