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If you need sources for, or small quantities of nitic acid or
other chemicals, try your high school or community college.
They always have supplier info and will part with small parcels.
Bob B

             I haven't hit the bricks looking for a local chemical
supply yet.  The last time I did that - looking for large
quantities of lye for a home soap-making business - I was treated
like the Village Idiot.  Many supermarkets sell 'lye' either as it's
usual name of caustic soda, or (in America) as Drano.  

The pure stuff, industrial grade NaOH comes in 25 kg bags (CDN$ 60)
from the industrial supplies store. When there is a downhole plug
during oil drilling they throw in bags of this stuff to clear it,
same idea as using Drano in your kitchen sink.

Kelvin Mok


G’day; Here some of the old and/or common names for well known
chemicals. I posted this a long time ago, and thought you folk fairly
new to Orchid might like a repeat. But please try and phase out the
old names, like “muriatic acid”.

Alabaster                      	Calcium sulphate
Anhydrite                    	Anhydrous calcium sulphate
Baking soda                  	Sodium bicarbonate
Baryta                       	Barium oxide
Bleach                       	Sodium hypochlorite
Bleaching powder         	Calcium hypochlorite
Blue vitriol                  	Copper sulphate
Boracic acid                	Boric acid
Borax                          	Sodium tetraborate	
Brimstone                  	sulphur
Calamine                      	Zinc carbonate
Caliche                      	sodium nitrate
Calomel                      	Mercuric chloride
Caustic Potash            	Potassium hydroxide
Caustic soda                  Sodium hydroxide
Chile saltpeter             	Sodium Nitrate/  Sodium Nitrite
Chloride of iron          		Ferric chloride
Condy's crystals             	Potassium permanganate
Copperas                      	Ferrous sulphate
Cream of tartar           	Potassium hydrogen tartrate
Drikold                        	Solid carbon dioxide
Epsom salts                  	Magnesium sulphate
Flowers of sulphur        	Sulphur in powder form.
Fuller's earth                  Non plastic clay
Glauber's salt                  Sodium sulphate
Gypsum                        	Calcium Sulphate
Horn silver                    	Silver chloride
Hypo, photographic         	Sodium thiosulphate
Ivory black                   	Carbon (from bones)
Kaolin/ China clay           	Aluminium silicate,
King's Yellow                	Arsenic trisulphide
Lime sulphur                  	Calcium polysulphide
Litharge                       	Lead trioxide
Lithopone                      	Zinc sulphide and barium sulphate
Liver of sulphur              	Potassium polysulphide
Lunar caustic               	Silver nitrate
Lye                            	Sodium hydroxide
Magnesia                     	Basic magnesium carbonate
Marsh gas                      methane
Massicot                      	Lead monoxide
Mohr's salt                   	Ferrous ammonium sulphate
Muriatic acid                 	Hydrochloric acid
Nitre                            	Potassium nitrate
Orpiment                     	Arsenic trisulphide
Oxymuriatic acid             	Chlorine gas
Paris green                  	Copper arsenite
Plaster of Paris             	Calcium sulphate
Plumbago                    	Graphite
Potash                         	Potasssium carbonate
Purple of Cassius           	Colloidal gold
Pyrites (iron)                 	Ferrous  sulphide
Realgar                        	Arsenic disulphide
Red lead / Minium           	Lead tetroxide
Rochelle salt                 	Sodium potassium tartrate
Sal ammoniac                	Ammonium chloride
Sal volatile                    	Ammonium carbonate
Saltpeter /Sal Petrier      	Potassium Nitrate
Saltpeter, Norwegian      	Calcium nitrate
Selenite                        	Calcium sulphate	
Spirit of Nitre                 	Nitric acid
Spirits of  salt                	Hydrochloric acid
Sugar of lead                	Lead Acetate
Table salt                     	Sodium chloride
Tartar Emetic             	Potassium antimonyl tartrate
Tripoli                           	Diatomaceous earth
Verdegris                      	Copper Acetate /carbonate
Vinegar                        	Acetic acid
Vitriol                           	Sulphuric Acid concentrated
Washing soda               	Sodium carbonate
Water Glass                  	Sodium silicate solution
White arsenic               	Arsenious oxide
White Lead                   	Lead carbonate
White vitriol                   	Zinc sulphate

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ


Thanks for the “update” John ;} I minored in chem. but most of the
old nomenclature or craft/trade names didn’t even get a passing
mention. Still very useful info.

Mike Dibble
Black Horse Design