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Chemical Uses

Hello everybody,

I am a hobbyist, dabbling in (precious) metallurgy. I am trying to
figure out somethings and would appreciate any assistance. I have
come accross a lot of chemicals which are and can be used as fluxes
for melting and assaying metals. I would really appreciate if some
learned soul could guide me as to the properties, uses and
characteristics (metallurgy-wise) of these individual chemicals.

A few of these which come to my mind are Boric acid, Borax, Sodium
carbonate, ammonium chloride, Sodium chloride, Potassium carbonate,
Silica, Mercuric chloride, Copper sulphate, Barium nitrate etc.

In fact what I am trying to achieve is to formulate a flux
composition for melting and making brass & Nickel silver
compositions, which would provide a good melt cover (to prevent zinc
loss), with de-oxidising properties.

My good wishes for the oncoming season.

Nilesh Gupta