Chemical names (was Cold pour silicone VS vulcanizing rubber)

Chemical names can be confusing, especially where the so-called
trivial names are used. Now, whilst it’s OK to ask for “toluol” when
you want “toluene”, it would be downright dangerous to use "xylenol"
in place of “xylene”.

Xylene is a material commonly used as a solvent. That’s not to say
there are no hazards associated with its use, there are, but for
small quantities normal precautions for flammable materials that you
also shouldn’t breath in or get on your skin are fine. Xylenol, by
contrast, is related to phenol, also known as carbolic acid. Very
dangerous to eyes and skin. Fortunately you’re unlikely to find
xylenol on sale at retail outlets.

So before and after using my frames for the natural rubber I
thoroughly scrub my frames with steel wool and xylene (Xylenol) –

Kevin  (NW England, UK)