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Cheap tumblers

Hi, all, I just got a flyer from Harbor Freight, and noticed that
they have tumblers at excellent prices. Thought I’d mention it for
someone that has been thinking about getting one… Cindy

Cynthia Eid

Cindy, I recently purchased an 8" combo bench shear/bending brake
from Harbor Freight. A good quality tool for under $100.

Joel Schwalb


Cindy is right on. I purchased a two barrel tumbler for $40 (free
shipping offer, too) from Harbor Freight to bring with me when I
teach workshops. It works like a dream, well…there are so few
moving parts, right! It’s sold as a rock tumbler. If you need a
reasonable priced tumbler that will probably stand up to a lot of
use, this is a good bet. It’s not as convenient as some to open and
close, but it satisfied my needs for a medium size capacity and
weight that was easy to carry around.

Linda Kaye-Moses