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Cheap Tricks in polishing

Hi, all! Rather than hand sand, I often use a 600 belt on my Highland
Park lapidary unit (if the design of the piece permits) for sanding. I
have found that, besides preparing the piece for polishing, the high
speed of the belt makes the cutting so aggressive that I can actually
use this technique to clean up rough edges that would otherwise
require filing. If you try this method, you probably will want to use
some sort of hand protection as the piece will get unbearably hot in a
matter of seconds when you put it to the belt.

Lee Einer

For protection of the most vulnerable fingers during polishing, I
like a product called 'Alligator Skin" (Rio Grande Catalog p.385)
it adheres to your fingers like a second skin, and when you remove it
you still have clean, recognizable fingers. It’s
inexpensive,sometimes reusable, and safe. (No, I
don’t work for the company…I just like the product.) Dee