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Chatham Emeralds


Two questions;

  1. What is the best way to identify your Chatham emeralds from
    ones grown in the ground. Is there a test with Florescent light
    that one might do in shop?

  2. What are your thoughts about the now the HOT news on “does
    your jeweler sell fractured filled emerald and does not know it?”

Its nice to see you here and maybe your presence might help with
the Emerald selling problem we are all having. Thanks, Ron

"The best way to seperate Chatham Created Emerald from Natural:

#1, get a GIA education. Even the 1 week class is good.

#2, Seperation is made by identifying something forign in the
stone, not the emerald part. That is identical. What is not
identical is where the crystals grew. Emeralds from Colombia have
different inclusions from those found in Africa. The same holds
true for those found in San Francisco. Platinum crystals don’t
belong in a natural. Calcite is never found in a created emerald.
The list goes on, but that is the basis for seperation: look for
something that goes toward one direction or the other.

The public should aways be informed of treatments but rarely is.
The industry is in for a wake up call. They have overslept this
one by far. tom chatham