Chasing and Repousse: Skilled Artist and Great Teacher

I recently attended a workshop given by Valentin Yotkov, a
master silversmith who specializes in the art of chasing and
repousse. Trained in Bulgaria in the traditional
apprenticeship/guild system, Mr. Yotkov is a teacher of
extraordinary ability. His workshops are limited to small
numbers of students, each of whom he teaches individually.
After nearly 25 years as a jeweler, and many workshops and
teachers, I can honestly say that he is among the very best, if
not the best that I have encountered.

While he is well known in New York, where he has his studio, he
is interested in widening his scope of students. He teaches all
levels of competence in these techniques, and in addition,
teaches tool making specific to chasing and repousse. If anyone
is interested in learning this disappearing art which is
immensly satisfying for those who love to really work the metal
itself and take advantage of its unique properties, please
consider taking a workshop with Mr. Yotkov in his studio in
Brooklyn or by inviting him to present a workshop in your area
of the country.

He may be contacted at:
Valentin Yotkov Studio
68 Jay St. Suite 501A
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel (618) 852-8640

Elizabeth McDevitt