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Charles' Gem and Jewelry Bookmarks


A metals/jewellery URL list. Lewton-Brain
+1996 Copy and Paste the URL (address line) into your browser or
search engine to go to the site.
Gemmology World-a superb site for gem information

A really nicely done gemmology on-line resource, a search engine and
more for gem materials and their attributes.
Gem crystal systems info-good stuff
Thomas Mann Design web site, incredibly prolific
artist/designer/jeweler, definitely worth a visit.
(Hot links to metalworking sites)
Vernon Reeds pages, a way cool artist jeweler, thinker into
’cybernetic ornament’ from way back.
An odd but interesting set of links.
A comercial page about laser burning of scanned photographic images
onto 14k gold.
Mark Liccini’s gem/specimen source, a very nice gem treatment page and
more to come.
-The Colorburst links page- good links to resources
C & C Jewelers, a very nicely done jewelry web site. Good links.
Reviews of gem/jewelry software, gem info, an interesting site
A very cool set of pages on Greek jewelry, includes historical
technique and styllistic
jewelry connections - dealers, sources etc)
Gunderson’s Jewelers pages on gold, alloys, legal requirements etc,
nicely done.
Nerdworld - a cool connections place

The ATT 1-800 telephone line search engine and directory for US based
The Virtual Reference desk-sort of but not quite like having a
reference librarian on hand.
United Artworks Pages, a great set of links and other for
arts and crafts people.
Quite an impressive set of jewelry oriented links.
A site for new and used jewelry manufacturing equipment and tools
(store) (links to other places) Bus. links

DMS goldsmiths. Great section on basic jewelry making tools. An
archive of some of Peter Rowe’s answers to questions on Jewelry making
techniques. Good stuff.
Bruce Holgrain’s links page, ‘A god among Goldsmiths’ has a great
links and quick access to search engines page here, check the rest out
Gemology and appraisal and software demo (the most
comprehensive gemmology software around).
(school for jewelry home page -a good example)
(TAFE NSW - J. Repair course info)
Rian de Jong: Dutch Art Jeweler
A very nice set of fast loading pages, lots of introductory technical
for jewelry making.
(garnet casting block book + pics)
l Jim Binnion gives an excellent description of his own process for
making Mokume Gane.
(tools + links)
Refractal Design, Inc., an interesting site
(gem book publishers: orders etc.)
(costume and supplies hot links site)
Great gem links, info on gems and gems for sale.
A nicely done body piercing jewelry catalog site. Not for the faint of
A fairly definitive listing of body art links.
A body piercing site with explanations and links to related sites for
those who are interested
Raymond Gabriel, nice stones for sale, deals with arty shapes.
Jewelers of America site. good for consumers, a little
smarmy and sales-talk like, a little slow loading for my taste.
Jeanne’s corner. A personal home page in Norway with an eclectic set
of good links and some nice jewlery ones.

Check the chemicals you work with at this MSDS site.
Michael McCann’s Arts Safety and Hazards site (Center for Safety in
the Arts).
The Jewelry/Metals safety and hazards page from McCann’s site.
McCann’s links pages for health and safety.
Despite the name this is an incredible set of US government resources
for business, health, safety, free publications and tons more.
A searchable, informative and reasonably good periodic table of the
elements (click on the element to get more
National Jewelry Magazine home page, good gem links (recomendation
from Fred Ward)
Roger Golden’s bookmarks. A gigantic list of links on all kinds of
An interesting site for its gemology links and
The Bonny Doon Press company pages.
Creativity Connection, sources for arts/crafts/crafters, links and
A cool new connection service (still for free) to find individuals and
companies etc.
An excellent gemology course and info site. Don’t miss this one if you
are into gems.
Jill’s hot index to her site on gems. This site is a must visit for
those studying gemmology.
The Tyler School of Art Jewelry/metals Program CADCAM site, hints of
the future for metalsmiths.
The Society of American Silversmiths (SAS), info, artisan gallery,
links, l articles.
A listing of metals workshops coming up in the US, where, when, who’s
teaching. (It’s about time someone did this!)
Boy the SAS’s Jeffrey Herman is doing a lot of things right. A great
metals sources page (some of my contributions too)
A new and used machinery links site, industrially oriented by
interesting-a machinery newsgroup too.
British Jewellery site, growing and expanding. Has a mailing list to
belong to.
Michael Spencer’s home page, blacksmithing and lots of science, HTML
links and more.
Angel Swords, a swordsmithing company page-interesting and not run of
the mill.
IndustryNet, a place of industrial supplier listings, news, surplus
equipment etc.
Lots of about gemstones and their ‘planetory gemology’ and
astrological meanings. Check out the ‘Modern Gemology’ section.
Gem lore and ascribed attributes for healing etc.
A really extensive list of gem ‘healing’ properties and attributes
A good article on crystals, history of gemology and gemology in
general. The ‘Eyes of Time’ site.
An excellent article that is an overview of gem production and
marketing channels from an economic value point of view.
A site for artists and craftspeople to advertise free, lists of
suppliers and links.
Bronze casting and metalsmithing site: lots of very good
Also a really strong metal oriented links page and lots of book
Another bronze casting link, how to build a small foundry and ‘an
evening doing a casting’.
What must be one of the most comprehensive scientific metals and
metallurgy links pages around.
Gem Zone, a gems, tools and equipment seller.
An arts links page. Check out the Arts Links site in Staffordshire
An interesting site for a art jeweller’s graduating show from the
Cranbrook Academy of Art
The ArtMetal Project-a must visit for metals people.
Thomas Register, a great service and company finding site.
The Metal Web News, an essential visit for metals folks. Check the
metal oriented links.
Machine tool use page, an example of a link from the Metal Web News.
The Gemological Institute of America site-very comercial but
The metal finishing folks home page, lots of links concerning metal
Abrasha’s page, contemporary jeweler. Excellent, innovative work.
Check out the Picasso confession on it.
This is just an all-around interesting set of pages and links, lots of
blacksmithing stuff.


Brain Press collaborative web site with It has an
excellent notes, jewelers tips and tricks section and about 250 pages
of my writing on metalsmithing that you can download and share - as
long as you don’t make money on it.
Titanium industries reference site.
Rio Grande tool company site. Extensive tips and descriptions section
(and yes they are trying to sell you tools)

The Crafts Report Magazine site-good stuff for networking.

Patination information
Metals FAQ with lots of info.
Associate Jewelers, links, trade info on jewelry, gemology info
Art apprenticeship links, classes and course in art.
The Guild home page, art/crafts source books, comercial services. I
buy the ‘Gallery’ editions to see whats happening in the field.
The art Deadlines list-good for competitions, exhibitions etc.
A jewelers bibliography, descriptions and comments on a number of
jewelry books. An interesting page.
ml a project report on the use of lasers for production goldsmithing
and decoratively working precious metals
A jewelers bibliography, not annotated but contains over 280 titles
distilled from numerous librarians and other bibliographies as the
librarians ‘best of the best’.
Florida Society of Goldsmiths site. Very nicely done with lots of
metals oriented links.
An interesting story about jewelers marketing using CDROM technology.
See Jane Draw. A really nice site for metals/jewelry folks. Not to be
The FAQ site-questions and answers on metals and
A personal site, good links to CADCAM and rapid prototyping sites.

Sites with articles by Charles Lewton-Brain, Summer 1996:

The Artmetal Site
Artmetal archive, Cleaning metals and patination information

Ganoksin Online

Tips from the Jewelers Bench’ and Lewton-Brain articles.
Brain Press home page, Lewton-Brain bio and book and video

Jewelry Source
Jewerly Source Site. Links to articles page.

Cybermall page for ‘Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop’