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Charge for development and production

When working freelance, for a designer experimenting with carved
materials (wood, acrylic), and assuming you are not using cnc:

1 How do you charge for your own embellishment to a line of jewelry,
by hour?, by piece?, by quality?

2 How do you charge for original 3 dimensional designed/handmade

3 how do you charge for 3d models copied from the designer’s work

4 … for production of same carved line,



I do a lot of work for other designers and I charge the same amount
I charge to stores, by the hour. But much is negotiationed. There
are some things I’m not set up to do as efficiently as others. Off
the top of my head things like casting multiple trees of waxes and
molding come to mind. So the client will tell me what they want
done and I’ll give them a breakdown price and if they don’t like
how much I charge for a particular service, they get that done

Get money for the initial consultation upfront. Set aside a good
couple of hours to talk to them and to do some estimates. Maybe set
aside 3 hours and charge them what you would normally charge per
hour for that time. If it seems like it will take longer or not as
much time as you set down for your initial consult, adjust
accordingly. But make sure you are compensated, up front for any
consultation. I’ve been burned too many times by manic designers
who think they have the greatest idea since sliced bread, but no
real ability to follow through. You can spend hours working out
problems and doing estimates only to have them drop the project and
deciding that paying for a dead dream is too unpleasant.