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Character licensing


Is anybody familiar with character licensing? I have been in contact
with the copyright hold and submitted initial ideas.

While I am waiting for a response I’m looking for someone familiar
with the process from a legal/financial perspective.

Thanks in advance.

Be well,

HI Duke,

From friends that have pursued this course for use of Disney
characters for jewelry, the road on that path is bumpy and littered
with sharp toothed lawyers. Certainly doable, but I suggest sound
research which sounds like you have done.

Years ago, I had an idea for a soft gel like earring back and
thought that the Hello Kitty people would love the idea. Everyone
loves our ideas, right? Hello Kitty on the front and Hello Kitty on
the back. I brought the general idea to the MIT Entrepreneur Club, a
gathering filled with Vulture Capital folks, mostly engineers, etc.
One woman was in the audience who I used as my sample for how many
of these units she would purchase in year. The consensus was
although the idea was a great one, licensing was absolutely the way
to go, and that nothing could be done until a utility patent was
secured. Bolstered by my FABULOUS IDEA I secured a pricey patent
attorney. Let me just say that the experience was a deep rabbit hole
attached directly attached to my bank account.

In a few months, a book called “Jewelry of Burning Man” will be
hitting the shelves. Burning Man is a heavily protected private
trademark. Although I did not have to involve lawyers, we had a
working title and it took about two years of proving ourselves
before the name was granted to me. For this name, Burning Man LLC
gets their 10% pound of flesh.

Good luck on your journey! I am also interested in hearing from