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Channel repair

I want to share a channel repair that was completed recently for any who may need to do this. The customer wanted the out side channels rebuilt. It wasn’t necessary but hey I’m just the jeweler. I took some 18ga round wire and rolled out

it to about .33 mm thick. Then the strap was formed to grab the outside edges of the ring which was the PUK welded out outside edge to hold in place for soldering making sure center made contact with ring. Then soldered center of strap, after cooling and pickle then hammered down to make contact along entire length and then flowed solder along entire width. Then just clean up. Hope my pics are helpful.



thanks for sharing!
very intetesting!

Nice work.
I use a similar approach to rebuilding channels, although I usually will use some of prepared channel wire offered by Redi Prong and I use the laser.
I also usually will weld the entire outer edge with the laser to eliminate any visibly seam.

I know this is also possible using pulse arc technology, because I was playing with a machine at Stuller one time during a seminar, and rechanneled an opal inlaid, Sterling ring using one of the training machines they let us pilot.
Of course on the SS and opal, pulling solder the length of the seam was not an opption.

I enjoyed seeing your pics. Thanks for sharing.