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Changing from acetylene to propane

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I have an oxy acetylene little torch and am wanting to switch over to
using oxy propane. I understand I can use the same system when going
from acetylene to propane. Now I presume I need to get some sort of
adapter for the propane tank (which size propane tank would I use
with the little torch? the smaller the better for me) but are there
any other things I need to do to convert to oxy propane?

Thanks for any help!


Check with your gas supplier, some hoses are rated for just
acetylene, others for either gas. I have used stock Little Torch
hoses with both gases but it is best to be sure. A little propane
tank is all which is allowed indoors in most places, 5 pound or
smaller, don’t even think about a 20 pound BBQ tank. I use a 1 pound
disposable tank, complex manifold system with lots of valves give me
a choice of either gas, 2 fuel gas regulators and some custom
fittings. For just a simple switch buy a 5 pound tank and a new
regulator. Simple and all standard fittings. (and my fancy adapters
and fittings can be $$$)

Torches are not rocket science, (despite my most creative repeated
efforts I still haven’t made orbit :slight_smile: If unsure talk to your gas
company. Usually they have good answers (but not always, I have been
given really dumb dangerous advice, and often to their $$$ benefit)

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A regular grill type propane tank is fine and there are adapters to
work with the small hose fittings available from most jewelry
suppliers or plumbing stores have adapters as well that step down
thelittle torch hose fittings to fit disposable tanks or the
bar-b-que size fittings (actually they are cheaper at the plumbing
supply stores).

You probably want to replace the fuel hose though for good
measure.There are many sources that state not to use the same hose on
acetylene and propane.I use a "y’ connector to share the oxygen tank
between the propane torch and the acetylene torches I use that cut
down thenumber of regulators one needs to buy. I also split the
regulator on my acetylene tank between a “little” type torch (gentec)
a Hoke torch and an acetylene torch I use with a larger melting tip.
But all-in-all for most precision work I use a water torch that
produces its own gas from a mixing of lye and methanol (denatured
alcohol)…The most important thing is to replace that fuel hose
though,even bleeding it fully and running dry filtered compressed air
is perhaps not enough to remove the residues the acetylene may leave
behind from use for any period more than a few weeks…rer

Lucy - Jeff makes a good point about what you can have in the
studio. It is fine for my large acetylene tank to be stored in the
studio, but where I live I have to bring the propane tank in each day
and back out each night. Some places let you pipe it in; I have been
told that I can’t do that where I live.

So part of considering the switch is how you will get the propane to
your torch - logistically it turns out to be more complicated than

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