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Changes to USPS Express Mail

Please note the following changes when you use Express Mail from the

Effective June 16, the USPS will no longer automatically redeliver
Express Mail® packages the next day. If delivery is not made on the
first attempt, the carrier will leave a nondelivery form (PS Form
3849) at the delivery address. A second delivery attempt will only
be made upon a customer’s request. A second notice will be sent out
on day three. If the customer has not picked up or made arrangements
for delivery by day five, the Express Mail item will be returned to

Clients can use the online Redelivery Service to arrange for Express
Mail packages to be redelivered, or they can have mail held at their
local post office so they can pick it up. If your clients want to
pick up mail, they can select Customer Picks Up as the Redelivery
Option when completing the Redelivery Service form.

Note: Clients must present photo ID to pick up mail at their local
post office. They also need to bring the peach-colored Delivery
Notice / Reminder / Receipt (PS Form 3849) left by the carrier.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Michael H. Iser