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Champleve cell depth?

Can anyone tell me if there’s a particular cell depth (or minimum/maximum) I should be shooting for in champleve enameling? I’m set up for both sawing and etching so I’ll probably try both, but I’m wondering if there’s a rule of thumb for this. I finally ordered some enamel samples from Thompson and now I want to try alllll the techniques. My main plan was to experiment with some of the simpler torch fired enamel techniques for earring dangles etc, but I who knows where this will lead. :laughing:

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did you order the thompson sample box? me too!

wanna hear what i did for storage…?
clear business card pages and a binder!
i put em in order using the color card
and labeled codes on each pocket

(i love my p-touch)

(my typical life distractions!)



Yup! I started with a 10pk, predictably all cool colors plus black, white, and clear for silver. But I’ve already put in a second order for the crackles and some separation compound.

I’m going to be using Barbara Lewis’s techniques where the heated piece is dredged in the enamel, so I’m going to keep mine in metal tins and make little sample tiles for each color to glue onto the lids.

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there are around 165+ colors in the sample box🤔

…magnet bulletin board…?…!:grin:


Yeah, I wasn’t going to spend quite that much until I’ve actually tried the process once or twice! Plus I tend to work in a rather restricted palette, so probably 75-100 of those I’d never touch.

Storage isn’t an issue. I’m just trying to figure out how deep I need to make the cells, whether 20g sheet is thick enough or if I’ll need more.

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I highly recommend Sandra McEwen’s videos for beginner champleve/cloisonne: her work is a bit of a combination of both techniques. She fuses 20 ga fine silver to a similar base.
You can see the process here:


Aha, perfect! Thanks!

0.5-0.7 mm is the common depth for Champlevé cells. The 0.5 mm is sufficient for monochrome cells. If, however, as with cloisonné, several colors are superimposed, at least 0.7 mm is required. Edmund/