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Ralph said,

when u talk about chain, what ga. wire do u use,what is
the apx. size range of the links and u solder all links?<<


Depending on what kind of chain, I use every thing from 32 to
14, round, 1/2 round, square & twisted. Also depending on the
design some are soldered, some aren’t.

Any link that is going to be subjected to stress (bent,
strecthed, twisted) in the chainmaking process is soldered, as
well as all twisted links. If the links won’t be soldered, I
harden the wire before making the links. This approach has work
well for me. I haven’ t had any complaints from customers about
chains breaking or snaging on clothes or hair.



Just bought a wonderful book on chain making by Jean Reist Stark. I had
taken a workshop with her five years ago (on granulation) and she was
working on the book. {{ It has every kind of hand-made chain with very
detailed instructions.}} Really worth the money.

“Classical Loop-In-Loop Chains: and their derivatives”. $44.95<<.

Not really every kind, only a few loop in loop, but still a nice book.